Voulez-vous en connaitre plus sur les "Long non coding RNA" ?

le 13 novembre 2018

Le mardi 13 novembre 2018, Dr. Askarian-Amiri, PhD qui nous vient de University of Auckland, New Zealand sera là pour nous présenter un sujet mal connu mais émergent les "Long non coding RNA".

Short Biography

Dr. Askarian-Amiri, PhD is a Senior Research Fellow in the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She received her PhD from University of Otago, New Zealand while studied protein translation termination in bacteria and yeast mitochondria. After completing her PhD, she moved to Max Planck institute, Gottingen, Germany for a short period of research. In 2006 she moved to the University of Queensland, Australia as post-doctorate fellow. Since then, her research focus has been studying regulatory role of long noncoding RNAs in different systems including cancer.

In 2011 she received repatriation fellowship to return to New Zealand and joined Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre in the University of Auckland to study role of long noncoding RNAs in cancer progression. Currently she is investigating regulatory role of lncRNA and circular RNA in cancer development.
Publié le 25 octobre 2018